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What IS a Secret Garden?


It’s the feeling you get when you imagine relaxing in a beautiful natural refuge; a calming and positive influence on your emotions, like a good vacation.


Most of us have a secret garden image stored in our minds. It may be carried from childhood or projected as a reward for success in life.


Whether expressed as a gated haven of lush green and bright colour, a charming little seaside cottage retreat, a small urban plot or balcony with limited space or a spectacular patio/pool oasis behind a designer dream home … your own secret garden of delights will be a healing, happy place once you make it real.


The most successful garden will be one backed by research and a plan. Know your environment, including growing zone and your soil and learn how to improve your conditions. Read up on the plants that you want to find out if they will prosper in your garden and learn about new varieties. Draw out a sketch of your potential garden and include plant placement, water features and existing trees and buildings. Making the plan is the beginnning of a successful garden and to avoid overspending at the nurseries.


Grow your grandmother’s favorite poppies. Plant a seaside garden with Rugosa roses, ornamental grasses and add beach shells and sea glass collected on your vacations. Happy memories and life ambitions can be inspirational during the garden design process. But your secret garden of any size or design will surely be a magnet and a source of pleasure for all.


Gardening is amazing theropy and is a perfect way to balance mind, body and spirit. You’ll learn patience, humility and perseverance from gardening success and failure and nurture your creativity experimenting with new plants and designs.


So start researching, make your plan and happy gardening!



Hi there! My name is Olina and my official job at Secret Gardens is to provide endless joy to our clients with my undeniable cuteness. I also assist Crystal (aka "Mom") with designing and planting preperation - I am a whiz at digging holes!


Within this blog I will be sharing tips and thoughts to consider before you go out and make your plant purchases. Do your research and rememember - work smarter, not harder!


Thank you, enjoy.










More info coming Soon...

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