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Plants clean the air of toxins, add humidity and cool the air as they transpire.​

A Secret Office Garden will create a calm and tranquil environment reducing stress and provide a warm, welcoming appearance to clients.​


A boost in employee morale with appreciation of the new ambient work environment will influence reduced sick days.​

Business Investment​

Many people prefer to do business these days with companies that are “nature conscious” and your secret garden will make that statement quite eloquently.​

Professional Experience​
We design, plant and maintain your office garden using knowledge gained from twelve years of hands on horticulture experience and working directly with retail and commercial customers.​
Unique Statement​
Our custom designed gardens will help separate your company from other office spaces. An on-site consultation to address personal tastes, to evaluate lighting and assess office environment considerations is the first step.

Our programs are custom designed to your office environment and we offer fair-value quoting for your office garden project.

Our office garden programs are guaranteed with “quality of presentation” maintenance.

​10 Reasons to Create “Your Secret Office or Retail Garden”

You may purchase or lease your secret office garden depending on your project design.

We offer a friendly, professional approach to installation and maintenance with minimal disruption to your company’s daily work flow and a “night service” option.

More info coming Soon...

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