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The Display​

The mature height and width of the overall planting is taken under consideration so that the display will enhance the area, not take away from it. Likewise the planter should not be dwarfed by it's surroundings. The amount of direct sunlight the container will receive, it's exposure to the elements, amount of natural rainfall it will receive and time of year are all important factors​ in the design process.

​The Plants

Plants used in secret container gardens are carefully chosen to suit your tastes, color preferences, and level of care. A pot will consist of different plant varieties providing an assortment of heights, colors and textures while at the same time sharing the same care requirements allowing the container garden to be easily maintained.

Secret Gardens works with several nurseries across Nova Scotia enabling us to deliver to you a wide range of healthy plants including annuals, perennials, shrubs, evergreens and tropicals.

The Vessel

Pots, baskets, urns, vases, crates, barrels ... the possibilities for a container are endless. We have access to a large selection planters which include handmade pottery from local artisans, lightweight and weather resistant pots and custom made wooden and metal containers.

Containers are chosen to fit within the surrounding decor and the plants that are to be used.


All secret container gardens that are built and maintained by us are backed by our "quality of presentation" guarantee. Or we will provide a maintenance package with detailed instructions on how to best care for your potted garden if you prefer.

Taking Orders All Year Round


Need a mid-season container? Whether a new arrangement is required for a special event or to replace a tired existing one we offer containers for any time of year. Or order now for a fresh new design for next season.


Existing pots just in need of a lift? We will come to your home and pamper your planters - with fertilizer, selective pruning and deadheading or plant replacement. It's like a spa day for your container garden!



More info coming Soon...

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