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We are available to speak on various garden related topics for your organization or group. Gardening discussions are also popular in the work place and give those employees interested a welcomed diversion during the week or provide a common interest for a workplace social on the weekend.

Our material is delivered in modular segments supporting presentations of 20 minutes to accommodate briefer agendas and up to 2 hours in length for a more in-depth discussion.

We utilize projection screens and rich graphics to deliver our information. Vibrant pictures not only entertain but also allow us to relay our topics more effectively. Combining visuals with interactive discussion and detailed handouts will give the audience a complete understanding of the material covered.

Choose from several modules to cover different areas of interest within the same event. This could draw a larger audience who may subsequently feel their concerns were better addressed and their time was well spent following the presentation.


Gardening Presentations

"How to" demonstrations and longer "hands on" workshops are also available. These fun-filled events always bring smiles to those who attend. We will source and supply all materials needed with at-cost pricing. Please give advanced notification of the number of attendees.​​
Crystal's passion for gardening and love of teaching others in smarter gardening techniques comes through with every presentation. Give her a call today to set one up for your group, organization or event.

More info coming Soon...

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