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​Enjoy a secret garden room in your life. Our indoor and outdoor designs include wate​r features, fire pits and seating areas.

Outdoor Garden Rooms

​​Whether your pleasure is to dine underneath the canopy of shade trees,  relaxing by the fire with friends or demonstrating your culinary savvy with some poolside barbequing we can design and install an environment best suited for your particular needs.​


Your garden room can be built to provide privacy using a combination of trellises, fencing, trees and shrubs and other structures. Or the area can be left open for others to enjoy its inviting beauty.

Focal points such as fire pits and water features can be added as well as other amenities like bar fridges and pizza ovens that would complete an outdoor kitchen. Incorporating outdoor sound systems and carefully placed lighting would add a sense of serenity and ambiance to any seating area and outdoor heaters help extend our outdoor living spaces into the fall.

Indoor Garden Rooms

Despite Nova Scotia's short summer seasons we can continue to appreciate outdoor living all year long with an indoor garden room. Its many windows enables us to enjoy all of the warmth, light and natural beauty without exposing ourselves the severity of the winter elements.

Room Made for You

Whether your dream room is inside or out we will work closely with you to accommodate your needs and to incorporate personal touches to your space. If desired we will work with your choice of colors and textures and include any personal items that you wish such as pictures or keepsakes. Together we will build your ideal green space that is unique to you.


With safety concerns always being important, indoor garden rooms can still contain all of the same amenities as with outdoor rooms including fireplaces, ambient lighting, water features and many other luxuries.​

More info coming Soon...

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