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Indoor Gardening


Early Indoor Blooms
Forcing shrub branches to bloom indoors weeks ahead of schedule, forcing bulbs and flowering houseplants.

Tillandsias and Other Epiphytes

How to care for them and their use in cool displays. Workshops available.

Tropical Paradise in My Living Room

Best indoor plants for you home. Topics including lighting, humidity, best plant choices and dealing with pests. 

Plants in the Workplace

Top ten reasons how plants improve a working environment from increasing employee productivity to raising customer traffic.

Container Gardening

CONTAIN Your Enthusiasm for every season!
This is a four part series, pick one or pick them all. Each presentation covers containers for one of the four seasons - a spring planter, summer, fall and a winter/holiday planter. Topics include choosing plants appropriate for each season, proper planting techniques and their continuing care. Workshops available.

Beautiful Balconies

Live in an apartment or condo? Let' build a private oasis right on your balcony.

Plants, Strings and Things

Kokedama, (Japanese String Gardens), Terrariums and other unique container gardens

Garden Design

Gardening for Seasonal Interest

Choose plant material that will give you different colors, textural contrasts and show-stopping displays throughout the four seasons.

Garden Design 

Assessing your area and needs, determining a budget and maintenance requirements and how to draw out a simple plan. Choosing plant material, how to create movement in the garden and the important role of evergreens. 

Sustainable Gardening​

Put this practice to use in your own home garden. A sustainable landscaped yard should be attractive, in balance with the local climate, require minimal resources such as pesticides and fertilizers and be easily maintained.

Vegetable Gardens

How to build a decorative and functional veggie garden. Growing from seed or transplants

Growing and Utilizing Herbs​

How to prepare and plant a herb garden for functionality and aesthetic value.

Water Gardening​

We will touch on site preparation, choice and placement of water plants and the addition of water garden art.

Bog and Rain Gardens

A perfect solution for problem wet areas.

Say Good Evening to Your Garden​

Plants and lighting options for garden appreciation after sunset.

Gardening with Children​
The importance of getting children involved in gardening.

Plant Your Spring Bulbs in the Fall​

We will look at the different bulbs available and how to plant them for optimum visual effect. Forcing bulbs for winter bloom indoors will be included.

Herbal Harvest

Growing herbs in the garden and containers. Harvesting, medical herbs, culinary herbs and herbs for cosmetic use.

Ornamental Grasses - the Perfect Perennial

Grasses for sunny and shady areas, cool season vs warm season grasses and growing in containers.

Shade Gardening​
More than just Hostas and Astilbes!

Alpine and Rock Gardens​
Small plants, big impact!

Seaside Gardens​
Plants that thrive even in a coastal environment.

Gardening for the Birds​
Ways to attract birds to your yard.


Secret Garden Background

The changing seasons in Nova Scotia offer both challenge and opportunity to the gardening enthusiast living in our wonderful province and working to create beautiful gardens here.
After 20 years in the field I have learned that success in creating gardens and special plantings that become pleasing year round visual assets comes from strategically planning, purchasing and planting ahead within an integrated 4-season program.

One of our objectives is to work with gardeners who want to take their green space to the next level of visual reward and who like the idea of working smarter and not necessarily harder.

To this end we offer presentations on topics for every season. From designing for four season interest to maintaining houseplants during the winter the series is packed with lots of information, ideas and “my little secrets” to help connect our Nova Scotia seasons and enable indoor and outdoor gardening continuity.


More info coming Soon...

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