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Tillandsia tectorum 'Peru"

Tillandsia tectorum 'Peru"


My absolute favorite air plant. Fuzzy, soft, silver show stopper! Definitely for the collector, it happens to be one of the easiest to care for because of it's drought tolerance. Looks like a little sea urchin. Pic of actual size coming soon. (just larger that a twonnie). Check out the pic for more details.

  • Tillandsia tectorum care

    Generally air plants do their best in bright, indirect light. Some varieties have foliage that turns color in enough light and possibly bloom. Hot, direct sunlight is not recommended, but varieties with a silvery appearance can handle more sunlight than their greener cousins. The silver appearance is caused by little trichomes, small "hairs" that reflect light away from the plant.

    Normally I bathe air plants once per week for about 10 minutes in dechlorinized water. But this guy is so fuzzy and drought tolerant it may be best to spritz with water once a week instead of dunking him.  Fertilize monthly with a weak solution of orchid fertilizer.  If air plants are kept in a terrarium I would remove them to spray and only put them back in after they have dried.

    Best at temperatures 10 degrees C - 30 degrees C. They are tropical plants that can be put outside in a shady location in the summer after the risk of frost is over and returned in early September. This particular variety can handle some direct sunlight.

More info coming Soon...

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