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At Home in Your Own Secret Garden

We offer personalized garden designs created to suit your individual needs, tastes and the surrounding environment. Each design incorporates elements of nature and combines them with functional components to provide an outdoor garden space where you can entertain or simply relax and bring a sense of balance back into your day.

Plants are carefully selected to thrive in your particular greenspace while at the same time supply optimal visual appeal. We design with four-season interest in mind and choose plant material based hardiness, flower and foliage color, sizes at maturity, form and texture. Sustainable landscaping practices are incorporated to ensure a garden with a harmonious blend of healthy, beautiful and easily maintained plants.

We specialize in garden room design (make this a link to "garden rooms"), and container gardening (make it a link to container gardens). For those who are without a yard we offer rooftop  and balcony garden designs (make this a link to rooftop gardens). All designs come with a worry-free gardening program that includes guaranteed installation and a professional maintenance service.

​Outdoor - Indoor Garden Continuity

If desired your garden theme can reflect your home's interior, copying style and color. Planted pots using plants suitable for interior
environments can be incorporated inside your home and continue the gardening theme from the outside.

​Incorprating a secret garden will likely increase its value while adding a relaxing retreat where you can reconnect with nature in a garden atmosphere designed specially for you. ​

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